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How to Bake the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies always send me back to childhood – sitting on the couch with a cup of cold milk and a few still warm chocolate chip cookies. The feeling of the warm chocolate pockets and slight crunch of the edge as you bite into a freshly baked cookie is one of the few comfort […]

How To Use A Double Boiler

There are a few ways you can melt chocolate, including doing it inside a microwave which, while convenient, makes it easier to burn your chocolate. For us here, we prefer to use the double boiler method. You can choose to make your own double boiler by using a large pot and a smaller metal bowl […]

Sweet Life Cake Decorating Tips

We LOVE cakes. They’re stylish, cute, delicious, and fun to make. Today we’re going to provide you with three valuable tips that you can use on your next cake baking adventure! Prepping fondant. Fondant can be a tough item to work with if you don’t prep it first, but many beginner bakers don’t realize this. […]

Recipe: Rainbow Cake Mason Jar Desserts

Mason jars are a FANTASTIC way to make fun treats and keep them portion controlled! One of our favorite recipes to do in a mason jar is a Rainbow Cake. This recipe is SUPER easy and one you are sure to love!! Rainbow Cake in a Mason Jar Ingredients: 2 boxes of white or vanilla […]

Safe Cleaners to Use in the Kitchen

When you bake all day, it’s important you work with a clean surface. This can become tricky though when you really take a deeper look at the cleaners available for every day cleaning. Unfortunately, many cleaners out there are so loaded with chemicals they even have a note on the bottle telling users not to […]

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